Sunday, 11 November 2007

I have just had a row with my mother on the telephone.

The situation in Pakistan worsens (on top of everything else).

Sir Ian Blair (London's unpleasantly arrogant top cop) hasn't yet resigned.

And Norman Mailer died yesterday.

How bloody depressing everything is.


Jane said...

Mothers mean well but ...... will always tell you what to do or how to live your life. Sir Ian Blair will eventually get his comeuppance (irritating beyond belief its not now) . Pakistan will sort its self out without us all worrying about it. The news is always depressing and although i watch it every night i frequently wish that i hadn't bothered. Find a good book and lose yourself in it and don't worry about the world it will still be there tomorrow! Phew! I'll shut up now and go back to my knitting. :-)

Katie twinkles said...


Some days feel hopeless and full of negatives, and harsh words with nearest and dearest often happen during bleak periods. Be kind to yourself today x

Patti said...

Can I just ditto what Jane said.

alice c said...

I'm glad to see that you are concentrating on issues within your sphere of control...
Can I distract you by wondering if you will ever tell stories of sailing with Ann?

Philip Sinclair said...

That, young Alice C my lass, is a very good idea!


fran├žoise said...

My question is: are there people coming to that party whom you want to see and who would like to see you? Are all of them put together more or less important than your niece's presence?
If being hurt and angry at her carries more weight than being in the company of the other guests, stay home.

If not, go to the party, at least for a little while. Your niece has painted herself in a corner by the sound of it. You have apologized, which is good, and there is no need to allow her behavior to control your contact with your family from now on.

I will also say that there are few situations more upsetting to a parent than suffering and/or strife among their children and grandchildren. As a parent you can only be as happy as the most miserable of your children, and being powerless in the face of their unhappiness is the cruelest twist of all.