Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Couples often have pet names for one another, I'm told. Ours were unimaginative. Ann was 'Little Baby'; and I was 'Big Baby'. Together, we were the 'Babies'. During the lean times (which happen surprisingly often in my profession, especially in the first few years), when we hadn't been paid for months, when the credit cards were full, we would look at one another, smile and say:

"What are the Babies going to eat?"

Then, we would joke about pressing our faces to the windows of strangers' houses and crying:

"Feed us, feed us!"

Towards the end, when the drugs and lymph oedema had made her swell, Ann would smile at me and say that she was the Big Baby now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil. Just read through your blog. I love seeing the photos of you and this beautiful lady. Its great to get to know her and what she was like through your writings. even though we dont know each other, I am thinking of you and sending you the best vibes i can.


trashalou said...

I don't like Thomas Hardy either. Tracy sends a hug.

marti said...

Damn. The tears have started and just won't stop. But I can't stop reading either. Thank you.

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Hello Phil
found you through surfing other blogs; such a tangible pain I am feeling for you. You were most fortunate to have had this special lady in your life and I am certain that she passed knowing that she indeed had experienced that once in a lifetime love herself.
Warm regards with some tears for sweet sorrow.

Tracy said...

i told Stephen it was you two at our window.......